Navy Indigenous Performance Group

Navy Indigenous Performance Group - Bungaree is an Indigenous performance group made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sailors serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

Originally formed in 2013 and formally named ‘Bungaree’ in June 2014, the Indigenous performance group is named after King Bungaree (1775-1830) of the Garigal clan from Broken Bay, NSW. King Bungaree was the first known Indigenous Australian to circumnavigate Australia during his voyage in HMS Investigator between 1801 and 1803 with Matthew Flinders.

Representing clans and nations from as far afield as Torres Strait to the south-west of Western Australia, all members are either officers or sailors of the Royal Australian Navy who come together for special events and ceremonies throughout the year.

Bungaree members wear a mix of traditional dress and naval uniform representing both their traditional and military heritages. The group’s performances reflect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions.

Event participation

Requests for Bungaree Indigenous Performance Group support can be requested by contacting Navy Events via email at

Further advice on support requests and other useful resources can be found on the Ceremonial support page.