Stay Onboard - People First

The Stay Onboard campaign is a retention program designed to provide benefits for every member of the Navy.

The Navy Families Handbook is for Navy families in recognition of the support they provide to Navy people in the service of the nation. The booklet outlines the service benefits delivered through Navy's Stay Onboard - People First retention campaign and other areas of Defence.

Navy Families Handbook (PDF 3.03 MB)

The Stay Onboard campaign involves the implementation of a series of initiatives that align with the six elements of the Defence Employee Value Program (EVP) detailed below.

Pay and financial benefit initiatives

Getting paid well is important. Navy offers a competitive benefits package to help with the little, and not so little, things in life.

Initiatives implemented

Military Factor Framework (PDF 197.35 KB) Military factor - Maritime crews (PDF 2.06 MB) Military factor - Maritime deployable support element (PDF 780.17 KB) Military factor - Clearance divers (PDF 1.31 MB) Navy retention initiative payment (PDF 666.5 KB) Navy capability retention payment (PDF 565.68 KB) Revised higher duties allowance (PDF 606.82 KB) Travel reform (PDF 656.53 KB) ADF Continuation bonus (PDF 621.98 KB) Navy long service leave management (PDF 604.64 KB) Increased remote locality leave travel (PDF 745.17 KB) Bedroom entitlement continuation (PDF 536.2 KB) ADF Leave Framework (PDF 639.59 KB) Defence employee value proposition (PDF 811.31 KB)

Initiatives underway

Navy Engineering pay case review (PDF 211.06 KB)

Purpose initiatives

Navy people are a part of something special – a team protecting Australia’s national interests. It’s more than a ‘job’, it’s a rewarding career.

Initiatives implemented

Pulse surveys (PDF 782.42 KB) Developing self-aware leaders (PDF 582.79 KB) Social mastery delivery (PDF 547.53 KB)

Initiatives underway

Improved divisional system accountability (PDF 604.96 KB) Workforce Transformation campaign plan 2035 (PDF 790.05 KB)

Workplace experience initiatives

Every workplace in the Navy has its own unique traits that make it a great place to work. Navy invests heavily in their people to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work with great leaders and great teams.

Initiatives implemented

HR and communications training for CM staff (PDF 777.32 KB) Remove barriers from workgroup transfers (PDF 776.83 KB) Navy Establishment Optimisation Team (NEOT) (PDF 781.54 KB) Workforce health and culture review (PDF 511.25 KB) Program HORIZON (PDF 523.34 KB) Improve mentoring programs for warfare workgroups-implemented (PDF 778.77 KB)

Initiatives underway

Personnel Deficiency Report - Business rules review (PDF 557.85 KB) Strengthened technical engagement and communications (PDF 793.37 KB) Improved mentoring programs for technical workgroups (PDF 788.52 KB) Maritime operations resilience trial (PDF 607.59 KB) Base redevelopment - Accommodation options (PDF 666.59 KB) Uniform changes (PDF 789 KB)

Initiatives engaged in

Modernise awards and recognition (PDF 506.29 KB)

Ways of working initiatives

Navy is embracing new ways of working. Navy wants to empower their people to work in a way that reflects individual circumstances and lifestyle.

Every job is different and not all flexible working options can be applied at all times. Navy is working to find what fits for people, teams, families and the role.

Initiatives implemented

Implement critical category remediation plans (PDF 807.61 KB) Review separation challenges of technical workforce (PDF 797.85 KB) Fleet Activity Schedule (FAS) review (PDF 795.89 KB) Categorisation and Location Framework (PDF 627.09 KB) Career separated service threshold reporting (PDF 511.76 KB) Workforce generation system (PDF 610.24 KB) Explore options with CRA (PDF 630.92 KB)

Initiatives underway

Separated service threshold (PDF 796.67 KB) Explore Total Workforce System future crewing concepts (PDF 775.38 KB) Demand management prioritisation process (PDF 794.13 KB)

Initiatives engaged in

Future of infrastructure to support work flexibility (PDF 513.57 KB)

Career and personal development initiatives

Navy is committed to the development of their people. Navy’s range of personal and professional development is considered unmatched by other agencies or industries.

Initiatives implemented

Improved educational support (PDF 778.94 KB) Review course location (PDF 512.1 KB) ADF performance appraisal report (PAR) (PDF 555.71 KB)

Initiatives underway

Review Fleet Activity Schedule (FAS) for training opportunities and manage training bunk allocation (PDF 779.89 KB)
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Technical Mastery and secondment programs (PDF 806.65 KB) Continued transition to Next-Generation career management (PDF 552.69 KB) Stand-up regional Reserve centres (PDF 793.11 KB) Improved instructor profile (PDF 800.41 KB) Navy Engineering Mastery Review (PDF 174.94 KB)

Initiatives engaged in

National civilian recognised qualifications (PDF 557.85 KB)

Wellbeing and family initiatives

The health and wellbeing of Navy's people and their families is vital. Navy provides a range of health and wellbeing policies and programs to help balance work, life and everything in-between. Service life is unique and there is a broad range of family, children and community programs that will improve the experience.

Initiatives implemented

Proactive Navy People Wellbeing Program (PDF 777.46 KB) Benefits of Navy welfare boards (PDF 779.36 KB) Improve ADF Family Health Program (PDF 512.67 KB)

Initiatives underway

Improve ship-shore connectivity (PDF 778.54 KB) Enhance base gym facilities (PDF 777.95 KB) Reinvigorate sport in Navy (PDF 613.55 KB)

Returning to fulltime service

Navy provides individualised case management to SERCAT 2, 3 and 5 members with critical skills and experience who are interested in returning to SERCAT 7 service. Information and guidance regarding the transfer process can be found on the Rejoin team's ForceNet page or requested by contacting