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Announcement: ADF Employment Offer Modernisation Program (ADF EOMP)

Military Factor: a new allowance framework will be implemented 25 May 2023,
reducing the complexity of allowances and positively impacting Navy People.
Learn more about Military Factor or view the new Maritime Domain allowance fact sheets:
Maritime Crews | Clearance Divers | Maritime Deployable Support Element.

Salary increase: trained force salary rates will be increased
by $2,000pa from June 2023.

Categorisation and Location Framework: contemporised frameworks will be implemented July 2023, advancing practical support for
you and your families. Find out more.

Leave Framework: increased basic recreational leave from 20 to 25 days and improved leave management to be implemented 1 July 2023. View fact sheet.

Click here to view more information on the ADF EOMP.


Stay Onboard - People First is comprised of 80+ initiatives created to
address the concerns and challenges raised by you, our people. 

This campaign is long-term, there are some initiatives that will take more time than others. This is a whole of Navy effort, there is a committed team working hard to achieve progress for you, view the campaign overview. 

Each initiative has been allocated to one of the nine categories below.
Fact sheets have been developed to provide more information on implemented and in-progress initiatives. Click on a category to view the fact sheets.

View all 80+ initatives.

Demand Management


Training and Education

Leadership and Culture

Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Member Benefits

Re-shape Workforce

Career Management



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Demand Management
Separated Service Threshold | Seagoing
Workforce Generation System | Navy Workforce
Navy Establishment Optimisation Team | All Navy

Engineering Family Pay Case Review | Technical Workgroups
Navy Retention Initiative Payment | Targeted Ranks
Navy Capability Retention Payment | Targeted Ranks
ADF Employment Offer Modernisation Program
    Overarching Military Factor Framework | All Navy
    Military Factor | Clearance Divers
    Military Factor | Maritime Crews
    Military Factor | Maritime Deployable Support Element

Training and Education
Program HORIZON | All Navy
Improved Educational Support | All Navy
Review Course Locations | All Navy

Leadership and Culture
Improved Divisional System accountability | All Navy
Developing Self-Aware Leaders | All Navy
Social Mastery Delivery | All Navy

Wellbeing and Lifestyle
Benefits of Navy Welfare Boards | All Navy
Proactive Navy People Wellbeing Program | All Navy
Improve Ship/Shore Connectivity | Seagoing 

Member Benefits
Travel Reform | All Navy
Bedroom Entitlement Continuation | Members with Dependant Children
Categorisation and Location Framework | All Navy 
Leave Framework | All Navy
Increased Remote Locality Leave Travel | Remotely Located Members

Re-Shape Workforce
Workforce Transformation Plan 2035 | All Navy

Next-Gen Career Management
HR & Comms Training for CM Staff | Career Managers
Continue Transition to Next-Gen CM | All Navy
Remove Barriers from Workgroup Transfers | All Navy
Stand up Regional Reserve Centres | SERCAT 2-5
Navy Long Service Leave Management | All Workgroups

Pulse Survey Findings | Marine Technicians 
We are committed to improving our communications to our people and their families. Further updates will be provided shortly.